Tuesday’s Tip: I’ll Tell You a Secret if You Promise Not to Tell Anyone

Posted by Kevin Crews - The Career Strategist on April 26, 2011 in Job Tip |
There is a "back door" way to send a message to LinkedIn people that you are not 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree connections with, nor are you in a group that they belong to as well (and it's free - for the time being; unless you tell our little secret to anyone). Basically, when you click on Compose Message, you are going to override the URL address that pops up and "program" LinkedIn to send your message to your desired recipient.
Since this is not a "feature" of LinkedIn, and I am sure they don't want you to do this method (since they want to make money on InMails), please use at your own risk.
And since I don't want to post this secret in a public forum, I am asking that you send me an e-mail requesting the secret and I will e-mail you the instructions in a Word document.
Happy Networking!

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