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  • Pat Dembski says:

    Kevin’s program is excellent, more helpful and informative than other job search or outplacement programs that I have attended!

  • Tom Horan says:


    I saw you at the Harper Career Stimulus on 10/29 and enjoyed your presentation. It’s a refreshing view of the HR functional. The documents that you share with us and the practical tips are really valuable.

    Thanks for the insights.

  • Kevin McBride says:

    PS. I know of an HR professional named Craig W. Malkowski. We are both on LinkedIn. I just sent an invitation to you. If you accept, I can forward his profile to you. Just trying to help you out.

    Kevin McBride

  • Kevin McBride says:

    Thank you for your presentation last night at St. Mary Immaculate. It was eye-opening. I have a quick question though. About Googling the job descriptions from job boards, am I to put minus signs or quotations somewhere? I ask because I did that, and only got articles about hedge funds.

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